Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Malakand
Chakdara, Lower Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan

Online Enrollment/Registration System

Last updated: 20-Jun-2023,

Affiliated Institutions can log in to our Online Portal System to register 9th & 11th Class students.
Our system provides two separate modules for 9th and 11th class, allowing institutions to manage the enrolment process efficiently.

BISE Malakand's Online Enrolment System for class 9th

Experience a seamless and efficient enrolment process with BISE Malakand's state-of-the-art Enrolment System. Designed to meet the needs of around 960 schools, our sophisticated online portal has transformed how institutions manage student enrolments.

Streamlined Enrolment Management

Our Enrolment System offers a user-friendly design, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience. With color-coded status updates, institutions can easily track the progress of each student, from online submission to fee verification and beyond.

Error-Free Enrolment

Say goodbye to data inaccuracies! Our system includes a meticulous draft list review feature that ensures precise student information. This thorough data review process provides institutions with the confidence of error-free enrolment.

Simplified Fee Management

Managing student fees has never been easier. Our Enrolment System generates auto-generated bank slips, consolidating fees into a single installment. This time-saving feature calculates fees accurately, eliminating manual errors.

Accurate Fee Calculation

No more manual fee calculations! Our system automates the fee calculation process, accurately determining fees based on normal, double, and triple fee dates. Institutions can trust that the amounts are precise and error-free.

Efficient Fee Verification and Reporting

Our Enrolment System simplifies fee verification by automating the process. Comprehensive reports in PDF format are generated, facilitating easy analysis and submission to academic sections. SMS integration is seamlessly incorporated with fee verification, ensuring that SMS notifications are sent after each bank slip verification. Stay organized, informed, and connected with our user-friendly system.

Transparent Installment Tracking

Track student installment payments seamlessly with our detailed reports. Transparent and comprehensive, these reports provide a clear overview of each student's payment status, ensuring transparent fee management.

Informed Decision-Making

Gain valuable insights with our comprehensive final reports. These reports provide detailed enrolment trends and student information, empowering institutions with informed decision-making capabilities.

Join the ranks of approximately 60,000 students enrolled by around 960 schools for the upcoming 2023-24 session. BISE Malakand's Enrolment System is highly regarded within the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government and across Pakistan for its excellence in digitalization.

Discover a new era of efficient enrolment management with BISE Malakand's Enrolment System. #BISEMalakand #EnrolmentSystem #Efficiency

BISE Malakand's Online Registration System for 11th Class

Embark on a journey of seamless and efficient registration with BISE Malakand's cutting-edge Registration System. Discover a world of convenience and innovation as we revolutionize the way the institutions register and manage students. Some of the feature are following:

Auto-loading of Record

Retrieve the record of BISE Malakand students automatically.

Migrated Student Registration

Register students who have migrated from other boards.

User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy an easy-to-use interface compatible with mobiles, tablets, laptops, and other devices.

Draft List for Record Check

Access a draft list to cross-verify student records with the school database.

Color-Coded Registration Status

Visualize different registration statuses with color descriptions for better understanding.

Installment-Based Registration

Combine multiple students' enrollments into a single bank slip for easy fee management.

Auto Fee Calculation

Automatically calculate fees and generate single bank slips for enrollment and sports fees.

Instant Fee Verification

Get fee verification on the next working day after depositing the fee at any HBL/ABL bank in Pakistan.

Fee Alerts

Receive notifications and alerts regarding fee-related updates and reminders.

Comprehensive Final Report

Access a comprehensive final report after fee verification for all installments.

Status Tracking Report/Chart

Track the status of each installment through a comprehensive report or chart.

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